PLC&HMI Hız Kontrol Servo Endüstriyel Çözüm ve Uygulamaları
PLC&HMI Hız Kontrol Servo Endüstriyel Çözüm ve Uygulamaları
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           Talented automation engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Industrial Automation and Control    

 systems,consulting,Project management and leading,tecnical support,automation sowtware design and development.

Professional skills:

       Automation and control systems development,Project Leading,System Integration,Start-up,Support,Field Installation.

       Superior ability to resolve complex and usual automation systems problems.

Professional Experience:

           Company: Dal Electric (Siemens Drive Center and Automation Solutions Provider ) İstanbul-TURKEY

            Duration: March/2000 till November/2001                                                                                                                                                    

           Company:Expert Elektronik Otomasyon Sistemleri   (Company Owner)

           Duration:December/2001 till June/2016

      Designation:Automation Engineer in the projects and tecnical support department.     

       We have done a lot of projects :

 ·         Tempered Glass Furnace

·         Glass Working Machines

            ·         Craine and Lifting Applications

                                 ·         Conveyor and transportation systems, etc.

      ·         Textile Machinery Solutions

                                         ·         AC / DC Drive Solutions,HMI panel,PLC systems

My duties in Company

   Responsible for designing, programing (PLC,HMI Panel,İnverter,Servo system) simulation and testing automated machinery and processes.

            Discuss with customers during implementation and design of the new complex services , understanding complicated problems resulted in succesful issue resolution.

Helping and consulting with other team members in resolving unusual and complicated problem related to new development , production support and testing.

                  Perform responsibilities of providing tecnical support and guidance to customers beside trainess and junior engineers.


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